We help the shooting sports industry profitably manufacture, distribute and sell products with great efficiency and utmost compliance.

Orchid Family of Companies

Orchid LLC is the parent company to Orchid Advisors LLC and Orchid Solutions LLC. We are partners to the firm, FFL Law. Our companies are managed by a common ownership group and executive team who are dedicated to serving the licensees and consumers of the shooting sports industry. Collectively we provide impactful software and services dedicated to the shooting sports industry.

Orchid Advisors
Orchid Solutions

Orchid’s Core Values

Create Value Beyond That Which Is Expected


Challenge Ourselves and Others, For the Sake of Improvement


Believe That Our Brand Has Meaning To Us and To Others


Serve Our Team and Customers As We Would Ourselves

Our Story

Orchid Advisors

Our family of companies began in 2012 with the launch of Orchid Advisors, LLC. In a short period of time Orchid Advisors became known as the industry’s leading FFL Experts and for delivering best-in-class advisory services.  Orchid Advisors’ own expertise was enhanced with additional support from the ATF,  industry attorneys, technologists, and business operation experts.

As Orchid Advisors continued to build its reputation as the industry’s foremost FFL expert, the industry’s largest manufactures, retailers, and ranges sought their services for obtaining FFL licenses,  ATF inspections, Import, Export, and business operations.

In addition to the firm’s regulatory expertise, Orchid Advisors consultants audited or implemented ERP and POS systems for some of the largest of FFLs in the United States. The team worked with all of the major ERP systems including, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor E10, and others. During these engagements, the firm developed the industry’s first blueprint on how organizations should implement and manage business operations while maintaining their compliance objectives.

In an effort to share their FFL expertise across the entire industry,  Orchid Advisors launched the Firearm Industry Compliance Conference.  The event became a staple in the industry and focused on government-industry interaction.  Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic caused the conference to be canceled in 2020, but plans are already underway for a bigger and better conference in 2021.

The firm’s success gained quick support from all four of the industry’s trade associations including the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesaler, the NRA Business Alliance, and the American Suppressor Association (“ASA”). Orchid Advisors holds a Board seat at ASA.

In 2017 Orchid Advisors created an online learning environment to complement the Firearms Industry Compliance Conference. The on-demand FFL learning, “Orchid FFL University” has now delivered over 3,000 courses and has 100+ learning modules.

In late 2018 Orchid Advisors launched a software application called “FFLBizHub.” The application became one of the first cloud-based, electronic Bound Book, and electronic 4473 tools available for the industry. FFLBizHub gained quick support and became the chosen app for NASGW, NRA, ASA, and the NSSF where it is the centerpiece of the associations benefit offerings to retailers and ranges.  FFLBizHub now provides API integrated services to retail Point-of-Sale software and manufacturing ERP applications.  FFLBizHub was rebranded as “Orchid eBoundTM in the Spring of 2020.

Orchid Solutions

Orchid Solutions is the second generation merchant processing company from its founder and CEO, Jon Rydberg. Orchid Solutions was created to serve this industry, exclusively, providing simplified and affordable merchant processing solutions that would mitigate risks faced by firearm merchants.

In 2018 Mr. Rydberg formed Outdoor Payment Solutions (“OPS”, dba Gearfire Payments). He launched the company to operate in conjunction with the Retail Technology Group and Gearfire where he served as the CEO and strategy executive. Under his tenure, OPS became one of the largest firearm payment processing companies, servicing 1,500 in-store and online merchants. Mr. Rydberg and his team have and continue to provide payment processing services to some of the industry’s largest retailers including Bill’s Gun Shop, Adventure Outdoors, and Poway Weapons and Range.

In April of this year, Mr. Rydberg started the process to divest of OPS while re-creating its firearm merchant processing business under the Orchid-branded family of companies, along-side Orchid Advisors LLC and partner firm, FFL Law.

Orchid Solutions LLC has launched as a re-creation of the original OPS entity, maintaining relationships with its world-wide processor Global (“TSYS”) while improving both the organization’s cost structure and its merchant customer rate structure.

Today, Orchid Solutions is the owner of Orchid PayTM and Orchid Gun Shop POSTM, solutions designed to bring excellent firearm payment processing and retail software to the shooting sports industry.


FFL Law was created as a partner company in 2019. Its purpose is to broaden the focus of the Orchid Advisors regulatory compliance practice by offering expert legal services and attorney/client privileged communications, where applicable. Located at “ffllaw.com”, FFL Law specializes in FFL related matters, particularly related to licensing, FFL legal defenses, corporate documentation, and contracts.

Orchid’s Vision and Mission

Our Vision
To create a brand that is known for employing the best people who provide the most impactful software and services.

Our Mission
We help customers profitably manufacture, distribute and sell products with great efficiency and the utmost compliance.

Trusted, Impactful, Innovative and Accomplished



  • Partnered with all four industry trade associations
  • Served over 3,000 FFLs across the supply chain
  • Trusted by industry and  ATF and FBI / NICS for education
  • Orchid’s clients manufacture 80% of all US firearms
  • Touched over 75,000,000 eBound Book records


  • Saved many FFL / business owners from losing their license
  • Improved over 75,000,000 eBound Book transactions
  • Delivered over 3,000 courses on FFL education
  • Chosen to sit on the ASA Board of Directors
  • Saved FFL owners millions in cost reductions


  • Founders of the Firearms Industry Compliance Conference
  • Created the industry’s first ATF approved “Digital e4473 Storage”
  • Created the first, comprehensive online university
  • Developed an API and UPC-based state compliance app
  • Designed by the industry’s leader eCommerce applications


  • Awarded Connecticut Top Tech Company to Watch
  • Awarded CIO Applications Top Risk Management Software
  • Selected as the only eBound app in NSSF’s Retail program
  • CEO awarded Top 10 Retail POS Software Leader
  • Chosen to present at SHOT Show, NASGW, Hunting Retail and other events